Our Lovely Tree

Here are a few photos from our Family Tree Decorating Ceremony Phase 2 (Phase 1 took place last night and is undocumented. It included the manly Hoban menfolk going out and buying the tree and setting it up, and of course MY designated role: lighting design. Niamh supervised…and very well.)

Here are the boys posing as if they hadn’t just hung these ornaments minutes before…

…convincing, aren’t they? Yeah. *sniff* That’s my directing skills coming into play (and the boys are great actors).

Liam was sooo bummed, because one of his favorite ornaments broke while in storage…

Don’t worry, Liam. There’s always Super Glue.

Niamh watched from her perch on the lower three steps of the stairs. She got bored and began to entertain herself by leaning back and looking at the high stairway ceiling, kicking her feet furiously and giving chattery verbal direction to the boys…

Ooooo! I just remembered! I have to get out my supa-fly Elvis-in-White-Jumpsuit ornament. How fun is that?? Thanks, Inghams!!


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