Inner Songwriting Melee

forgive my lack of proper CAPS in the following post. i’m sort of just not in the mood for editing propriety. read: i’m tired.

okay, so there’s been a lot of talk around the campfire lately about original worship songs and songwriting. a lot among my blogger brethren and…sisteren…


…as well as workshop planning, jam sessions (do they still call them jam sessions, or is that now relegated to jazz trios? which rock, by the way), small songwriting collaborative pow wows, and various meetings and submeetings. one such meeting i was recently in focused on production/publishing/marketing/event coordination. it was good…but it made me get ta thinkin’…

i’m in a place right now of being very unsure of myself when it comes to spearheading some sort of songwriting renaissance at the church. this is a good thing, i know, because God is the One in whom i put my full trust and assurance. but it’s still a bit like standing at the edge of a cliff. i know that God wants to do something with us in the area of new songs and that it’s going to be, well, let’s just say pretty cool. but it always seems easier once you’ve gotten your feet wet and built your confidence level in an area by DOING.

okay, so now i feel as though i’ve answered my own question (which was never a question…and i’m not really looking for any other suggested answers at this time, fyi). i guess that’s the thing. to learn by doing. but just once…ONCE…is this too much to ask? (rhetorical) i’d like to have someone who’s been there and done that in the realm of writing who could be a question-answerer/sounding board. “what do you do about things like this?” “how did you guys handle things like that?”, etc.

it’s fine. i mean, i can learn this new thing the way i’ve had to learn everything else…by just doing it. walking it out. making mistakes. doubling back. going for it again. and i will, unless Holy Spirit leads me in a new direction this time and puts that been-there, done-that person in my life. the cool thing is…hey! it’s not just me this time. we’re all on the same learning curve and we’re all in it together, which is a great comfort and strength. so in the meantime, fellow CITW songwriters, fasten your seatbelts and keep your hands and arms inside the vehichle at all times. here we go!

…(does anyone have darlene’s phone number?)


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