The Experience

I’ve had a lot of thoughts and “thought families”, if you will, going through my mind lately…many of which I’ve thought, “Hey, I want to blog on that.” Understand that the purpose for my blog is in no way to show off my knowledge or skills (like bow-hunting skills…numchuck skills…computer hacking skills…). If someone gets something out of something I’ve written, I’m really happy about that; but it’s not necessarily my objective. This is my expression and exploration place. My cozy place. My Photo Album/Online Family Scrapbook Place. (If my house was on fire and my family was safe outside, the first thing I’d grab would be my laptop. All of my photos are on it…and everything else I use to run my life, basically. And hey, it’s a 12” Mac PowerBook. You don’t see those every day. Then I’d probably get Bill’s guitar, because I’d feel really bad if that got wrecked…but that’s another story.)

Anyway, I was sitting beside the bathtub yesterday as Niamh splashed and played in it, and I began reflecting on how very different our three kids are. And how the experience of raising them has been so different. I mean, yes, they all liked to sit with daddy in his chair, they all loved Dumbo, they all had their first bath, their first tooth, their first time feeling the grass between their toes. (Sean hated that…texture sensitivity.) But they’ve all been so unique as well. Their experiences are all their own. They’ll remember different things from their childhood with fondness. And our experience as parents with each of them is totally unique.

Then it dawned on me that that’s what God “experiences” with us. Each of us is made in His image and likeness, but we’re all also unique human beings – not one exactly like another. The way we see God can parallel another’s view in many ways; but at the same time, it’s our own view of and relationship with the Creator. And our interactions with Him are also completely unique. And that’s the way God intended it. It really is about a relationship – about the “Experience”.

The Experience is the fleshing out of our relationship with God in our uniqueness, just as He designed us to do. He wants us to experience Him and express Him through our own personalities. That’s the beauty of God. His attributes are too many to number, and too multi-faceted to see the end of all His glory. We each have a unique perspective, because we’ve each been given different eyes and a different vantage point. This is why the Body of Christ working together and experiencing God corporately is such a beautiful and awe-inspiring thing.


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