Birfday Cake Blues

Some pictures from when my dad and stepmom were here – we had a little family birthday party for Niamh…

I think that next to her Cabbage Patch kid, which is now forever at her side, this was her favorite birthday gift…a shiny, bouncy balloon.

The ill-fated birthday cake. Poor thing. I almost felt sorry for it.

Curiousity soon turned into, well, further curiosity, really. At first she just sort of held her hands like this near the cake, as if she thought the cake might jump up and bite her if she touched it. It was pretty funny.

One of the first things she did was to pick up the entire cake, cardboard tray and all. I, being the mom, was trying to get her to set it back down, while my dad cheered her on and snickered saying, “No, just let her hold it! See what she does. Maybe she’ll throw it across the room!” He was positively giddy.

I love this shot. What little frosting made it to her mouth (and this is as far as it got, folks) was placed there…yes, I said PLACED there by me. My dad, who was so anxious to see her make a huge mess (in my house) was like, “Give her a lick of the frosting! Once she tastes some, she’ll dig right in.” What a sick Western ritual this first birthday cake massacre thing is! But I played along. 🙂

She totally mangled the thing. But she wasn’t at all interested in eating it (by God’s grace alone). She just wanted to make a mess. She kept smearing it down her left leg. When she wasn’t smearing, she was tearing the cake apart like it was a wet piece of paper.

The rest of us ate cupcakes.

You can see she’s very proud of herself.

Liam (or was it Sean?) started spinning the lazy susan on the other end of the table, and that’s what finally drew her attention away from the cake. That was it, she’d had enough.

When she was done making a mess, I put her in the tub (duh.). She was like I would imagine a greased pig would feel like…only a little less fuzzy, but just as squirmy and slippery (Thank you, Person Who Invented Buttercream Frosting! Thank YOU!!!). It was cressy. Absolutely cressy.


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