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Parenting is such a real and serious vocation. It’s really a calling. I wish people would take it more seriously. We can get so hung up on the day-to-day stuff that the most important stuff – the eternal – gets shoved aside, and that should never be. Patrick and I aren’t perfect parents, primarily because we’re human; but we really like to spend time with our kids, teaching them and bringing them up in the things of God…the things that will last far beyond this lifetime.

I can’t believe Liam is already 7. He can reach the bowls in the cabinet now without the use of a stool and without getting up on his toes. When did that happen?! Yesterday? I mean, for crying out loud, it had to be yesterday. When I think about it, and I do think about it, we only have a little over 10 years left before he graduates and goes on to whatever he’s going to go on to. In just 6 years, he’ll be a teenager. I want to maximize the next several years to really speak into my kids’ lives and give them the tools they need to live a sold-out, Spirit-led, faith-driven godly life.

Patrick and I pray for them all the time – for their futures, for their protection and for their relationship with God. We pray for their future spouses…I think the Indian culture may have something there with betrothals. One thing I pray frequently for them (and I’m seeing unfold now) is that they would have their own PERSONAL revelation of who God is and who God is to them. Too many second, third, fourth generation Christians live off of second-hand revelation, never bothering to experience God for themselves. That kind of Christianity is shallow and pointless (and often, not really Christianity at all).

My point is that I’d like to see more parents really take on the burden to see their children form a whole and authentic relationship with God for themselves, instead of throwing them the crumbs off the grown-ups’ table. They need to experience the move of the Holy Spirit. They need to have a revelation of the Love of God and who they are in Christ. They need a real encounter with the living God. This is what I’m after for my kids. It’s what I desire for them above all else. And I want to see it happen in other families, too.

If you’re a parent, I hope you take your calling very, very seriously. Don’t get hung up on the day-to-day things of life…yes, they have to be done, but they can loom far larger than they should. Keep things in the proper perspective. And be the best example of humility and LOVE your kids could ever have. Don’t hesitate to say you’re sorry to your kids when you’re wrong.

If you’re not a parent but hope to be one, just remember that it’s easier said than done. Once you’re in the thick of it, it can be quite overwhelming, but trust God to machete through the brush before you. His word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. He won’t throw you in headlong with no instructions. Just stay close to Him.

And if you’re something other than a parent or not-a-parent, well…be the non-human that you are, and be that well. And quit pretending that you can read.


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