Psalm 91

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty…”

Most of us are pretty familiar with this Psalm. It’s known universally as a Psalm that speaks of God’s protection. It’s a lot of people’s favorite scripture passage. Lots of folks can even recite the whole thing from memory. But, unfortunately, when a passage gets this familiar, we can tend to breeze through it when reading it; and rather than stopping to reflect on it and get the deeper truths and revelation from God, we move on very quickly to something else.

This passage has been constantly on my mind since Graham Jones spoke at the church this last week. Constantly. I don’t even think he used the scripture…it’s just a take-away I got and God’s been revealing it to me. I was completely blown away by his description, and his experience, of what can happen when you dwell in the secret place of God.

At times God visits us, often in powerful ways, he said; but there are other times that seem dry and God doesn’t seem to be saying anything. We don’t feel anything. These are the times that God wants us to visit Him.

My desire and my only aim now is to really know Him in that secret place. To have those encounters with Him, not only on a here-and-there basis, but daily. Every moment. To live in the presence of God.

It’s not about methods or formulas to hearing God’s voice…it’s about a living relationship with our creator. It’s incredible – if you could just meditate on that, I can assure you, you’d walk away speechless.

If you weren’t there and you didn’t get the CD, you need to.


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