Lest we forget the times we’re living in…

Over breakfast this morning, Liam says to me casually, “We’re having a lockdown practice today.”
“A lockdown…at school.” (like, duh!)
“What’s a lockdown?” I ask, knowing the answer, but wishing I didn’t have to hear it.
“It’s when someone bad comes into the school. So we lock our classroom doors and hide.”

My stomach turned. I understand why the school would do these. I think it’s foolish to ignore what’s going on in the world and pretend like we’re somehow not in the world. But I hate the fear this kind of thing can instill in the kids. I guess it’s time for another heart-to-heart with Liam. This time the subject is Psalm 91.

Gosh. When I was in school, we had fire drills.


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