Giuliani and the Heckler – Commentary

Okay…due to some HTML issue, I have to comment here, rather than on the last post.

So, can I just say that those are some crazy-bad ushers? Sort of an example of what NOT to do…I understand not wanting to look like bullies (if you’re the Good Cop…but that’s not really the usher’s job), but it’s not like they’d have gotten boo’ed had they been more…assertive. And the scene had definitely already been made, so they didn’t have to worry about making a scene. They needed to call “cut” on the scene.

Maybe they’re not really ushers. Maybe they’re volunteers from the college security team or something. At any rate, if I were Juiliani, it would definitely make me think about investing in some good bouncers.

1. Take your sweet time in removing the heckler (or, let’s call him the “disruptor”…’cause I like that) from the room, even after it’s clear that he’s a bit fixated and deluded. Give him plenty of time and space to pull out his .45, should he have brought one along.
2. Wait until the faculty, staff, dean of the college/host of the conference, and a few nursery workers or soccer moms stand up and start heading toward the guy to actually do something about it.
3. Use only 2-3 ushers. That should do the job in any situation. The rest should just sorta look on with a very somber face, like, “Yeah. Good job, Guys. I’m here. Right here, if you need me.”
4. Always be sure to keep the disruptor in the cavernous, echoey hallway right outside, so that the noise from his blood-curdling screams is worse than if you would have just left him alone in the first place.
5. Order is for sissies.
6. Above all, make friends. Playing nice is so important.


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