Ginkgo Biloba, Anyone?

This is what happens when you are going on too little sleep and dealing with baby brain fog…mushy mushy mhsye hsumy mhseh braaaiinn…

I’m helping Liam with his homework tonight, and explaining some early math concepts…you know, like how to draw a cheetah for a picture word problem. Multi-tasking, as usual, I’m also feeding Niamh crackers and bits of apple in her high chair. I suddenly realize that she’s taking bites of apple, then blowing raspberries and spitting them out all over. The spit and apple bits are all over her neck, her chest, her shirt. It’s bad.

(Sorry. Just quit reading if baby spit stories gross you out. Well, actually, the worst is over now. Take a breather and carry on…) So I go into her room, grab a large and absorbant bib (better late than never) out of her drawer and truck back into the kitchen, spouting 1st grade mathematical and artistic wisdom to Liam, round-trip.

“Hey Liam, I just realized why you were upset about how those drawings of cheetahs turned out. You drew them with your yellow crayon, without first drawing the outline in pencil. Next time, maybe, use your pencil to draw them, so you can erase them, if you don’t like the way they look..”


As I’m rattling off my big idea, I had run the pull-on bib into the kitchen and slipped it over the child’s head so there wouldn’t be any more messes…the only thing is I put it on the wrong child. I put it on Liam. I didn’t even realize what I was doing until it was already on him…poor kid!

He was such a good sport. He looked at me with a smirk and a raised eyebrow, like, “Are you crazy, woman?”

“Uh…Oops. Wrong child.” We all had a good laugh, then got back to our apples, homework and…whatever it was Seanie was doing. I think eating cereal. Yeah. Eating cereal.


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