Be Sober

These words keep coming to me over the past several days: Sober-minded, Vigilant, Temperate. Particularly, sober-minded (or sometimes “sober”) and vigilant. I mean I’m talking about throughout the day for three or four days straight, like a whisper in my spirit. “Be sober, be vigilant.” I knew it was straight out of the Word, but I couldn’t recall the scripture reference. So I crosswalked it (that should totally be in the Webster’s Christianese Dictionary), and, of course, I got…

1 Peter 5:8-9
“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

I’ve been so stinkin’ mad at the devil lately, because of so many of my friends and family under attack in so many areas. God’s been speaking to me about being aware of the enemy’s devices. To be wise to his tactics and not be caught off guard.

I had a vision the other day…I guess you would have to call it that and not a dream, because I was technically awake but lying in bed with my eyes shut. So…call it what you will. A man running…like a jogger for all the world…he’s running along, feeling good, then WHAM. This thing runs into him (or he runs into it), like a blanket, only more dense. The only way I can describe it (don’t lose me here) is like a man-sized pancake. It was weighty…enough to slow him down, but not stop him. He keeps going, somewhat affected, and runs into another…then another, then another. And these things CLING to him and start bringing him down. He’s not smiling anymore. He’s not feeling so hot anymore. He’s starting to lose confidence and feel like he can’t go on.

I believe what that’s about is the methods (not necessarily the tools) the enemy uses to attack people. He’ll hit you with seemingly non-threatening things…not earth-moving crises, necessarily, but things that kinda get you down. They cling to you. They begin to weigh you down, though you don’t notice it that much…that is until it’s too late and you’re deep in Depression or Apathy or Rebellion or WHATEVER. We need to be sober, aware, vigilant, on alert, so we’re not caught in his crosshairs and taken down.

The devil hates people. He HATES YOU. Whatta you think?? He’s gonna just let you sip your Starbucks and hang out after the PTA meeting and just let you off the hook because you’re not a missionary to Papua, New Guinea? No way, man. He’s got plans for you, too.

BE SOBER, BE VIGILANT. The devil’s not messing around. We certainly can’t be either.


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