The Latest Hoban Fetes

…That’s another fancy French word for “parties”, for those of you who gave me a hard time about the women’s Summer Soiree.

Liam decided this year he wanted to have his birthday party at Dinorex. We had a blast! The only thing that was sort of a downer was that the big dragon roller coaster was not in operation. But the kids had a great time between bumper cars, skeeball, the tunnels and games. Here’s a photo of Liam with his birthday cake. I can’t remember what he said, but he made some joke and I caught him laughing hysterically at his own joke here… 🙂

We had a party for Miss Lyn on Tuesday, just because she’s such a wonderful lady and has been so good to the kids. The boys helped me decorate the kitchen and set out goodies. We sang “For she’s a lovely Miss Lyn” instead of “For he’s a jolly good fellow” when she walked into the room. Of course, Miss Lyn’s not really a “Miss”, she’s a “Mrs.”, but I guess we decided “Miss” is easier for the kids to say and seems more natural than “Mrs.” I don’t know. You say them both out loud a few times and see what you think…


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