Created To Create

…That’s my favorite painting, by the way. Starry Night by Van Gogh.

I was reading something today – this crazy quiz thingy that asks you to make comparisons between your friends – asking you to choose who is “more creative”, among other, and far more stupid, things. It got me thinking, though. My first reaction was, “How can you compare when it comes to things like that? I mean, how can I possibly know the answer to that? Some people have hidden talents they either never use (sadly) or they choose not to display openly.”

Then I began thinking about the word “creative”, as opposed to “talented”…or, better yet, “artistic”, as I felt they intended in the question. There’s a big difference, as far as I’m concerned, between the meanings of the words “artistic” and “creative”. “Artistic” usually relates to the aesthetic – most definitions I’ve read relate to “skill”, “good taste” or “beauty”. It’s creativity, but it’s just a branch or type of creativity.

But we were born to create. Creativity involves having the endowment, the power, to create…imagination. The Bible says we were made in the image and likeness of God; and, as we all know, God is a creative being. He made us with that innate ability and desire. You can be a creative organizer, a creative housekeeper, a creative automotive repairman (ever watch MacGyver?), a creative parent. Most probably never realize their fullest potential, but others get awfully close…

I know a few people who are unusually skilled at nearly everything they purpose in their hearts to do. One person in particular is highly skilled at several different instruments, but is also excellent with mathematics, accounting, counseling, teaching and many other widely varying subjects. While we look at a guy like that and say, “Wow. That is so unusual.” I believe it is actually just a picture of who were before the Fall, and a very small glimpse of our potential in Christ.

You know how people talk about the fact that we use only a tiny percentage of our brains – just the “tip of the iceberg”? Remember those info-mercials for the memory training program that would help you remember hundreds of people’s names, along with random facts and speed reading with a high percentage of comprehension? Merely a glimpse. It’s how we could’ve always operated, and will again. It’s going to be awesome.

We need to begin to see ourselves as creative beings. Created to create. As we press into Jesus, I believe He will unfold many more skills and abilities we never even knew we had within us.



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