Patrick's ACTUAL New Sport

A while back I blogged on Patrick picking up longboarding. In case you didn’t know, that was sort of a spoof. He didn’t actually take up longboarding…he just did it one time on a borrowed board. But he did alright, I must say. I’m scared to even try to stand and balance on one of those things, let alone go rolling down a paved hill on one as he did. As memories of skinned knees dance in my head…Yikes.

No, he didn’t turn emo-teen on me. But he did take up a sport: raquetball. He’s played it many times before, but really started playing frequently in the last few months. What is it with guys?? They make a decision to start exercising more and it seems like before they even start, they lose 5 pounds. It’s so not fair. With men, it’s like changing directions on a bicycle, with women it’s like turning a steam ship around…or so it seems to me. *sigh* But I gotta get that steam ship turned around.

I say we get a church volleyball league going. I can take hits from a pretty tough volleyball, as my bruises a few weeks ago have proven. The ball itself was overinflated and half-petrified, but I kept taking the hits. It looked really bad for the wedding, actually, which was a little embarrassing. I felt like I had to explain myself constantly so no one assumed I was the victim of domestic violence. Dag-nabbed white skin. đŸ™‚


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