Toilet Paper

Okay, it’s starting already.

Niamh unrolled almost an entire roll of toilet paper last night. There was TP all over the floor and strung over the toilet, and a whole bunch stuffed into the waste basket. I giggled as I attempted to re-roll it, because I could picture her discovering it…

“Hey, this thing looks cool.”
*bat, bat*
“Wha ? It spins?? Awesome!”
*bat, bat, bat, whiiiiiiiirrr*
“Whoa. Did you see that?? The white stuff comes off when you spin it. Check it out, it landed in the basket thingy. Huh. Heeeey…I got an idea…”

Never underestimate a 10-month-old…NE-VER. I did the same thing with Sean when he was getting to be this age. I forgot how early they start getting into toddlery mischief and it’s ALWAYS sooner than I think it should be. Just goes to show that they really do grow up too fast!

Next thing I know she’ll be emptying my handbag and experimenting with my eyeshadows and lipsticks…”Hmm…I think this blue would look really nice on my lips.” (By the way, I don’t own any blue eye makeup…despite the fashion world’s valient efforts to revive it…the sickos.)


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