Back (Tentatively)

Ha HA!! It’s called swiping your husband’s laptop while yours is in the shop, BABY! I’m back…at least for today. As alluded to, my laptop is in the shop. I had this really weird blip on the top of the screen that obscured the menu, time and date, and all the funky little icons provided on a Mac. I probably won’t get it back until the end of this week, so the only way to get in a post or two is to swipe Patrick’s laptop when he’s not looking (not an easy feat, my friends).

Niamh and I had a great trip out East. My brother was married in VT in an interesting ceremony. It was great to see everyone. Then we toured parts of New England…we went to NYC for a (miserably rainy) day, toured Boston for a day, and visited landmarks and historical sites in Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and Massachusetts. I think if it hadn’t been raining, NYC would’ve been my favorite. Photos coming soon.

And, for your reading pleasure, here are a couple of Seanie Shorts. I hope you get a chuckle (that sounds like a threat):

Sean was playing a video game and, after having defeated some enemies, he did a little victory dance and said, “Oh yeah, oh yeah. The Seanie win…the Seanie win.” So, NATURALLY, I said, “Hey, I thought you weren’t ‘Seanie’ anymore?” Sean replied, “Well, a’COURSE I am!”

Sean-“I was like ‘Holy Cow!’…and when I saw that fing I said ‘Holy Cow!'” As an aside, he added, “I always say, ‘holy cow’ for amazing fings.”

On a video game the boys were playing (during Liam’s turn), a hospital worker said, “We need to get this patient to the O.R., stat!” Liam asked me what “stat” meant, and I replied that in medical terms it means “right away”. So a moment later, when it was nearing Sean’s turn to play the game, Sean said, “I’m gonna play this game stat.”

Before we left for the airport last week, Sean was chatting with my niece, Jordi, trying to impress her. He was sitting on his bed in his undies (he’s five, okay?), and suddenly laid back on the bed with his hands behind his head and crossed his feet and said, “Yep. I got a rock collection. But I have to go get some rocks for it, cuz I don’t have any yet.”

Many other cute things, but some just aren’t funny without the voice or the actions.

Every day is like this, people. Every…DAY.


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