To My Favorite Worship Team – Ours!

Okay, for all of my songwriting friends…here’s a word of encouragement from my favorite worship pastor…(Sorry. I can’t seem to get this link insertion thing down, so just read below.)


“Well, it is very hard for me to put just a few thoughts together about something which I know to our church has been very significant and an extremely Holy season in time.

The songs you hear have been crafted by a beautiful team, poured over and wrestled with, to see them become all we know they can be, but the true test of ANY song, whether musically profound or incredibly simple in its content, is always the church, as they decide which songs help them to express what is pounding in their hearts to say.

And this is Saviour King. The journey to the songs was at times laboured (but I believe most things that are going to be sustaining have a sense of LABOUR about them)… but so very rewarding as we watched them become people’s own stories week in and week out, and we watched the WORD put to music light people up on the inside as only it can.

The night that we gathered in the ACER Arena was significant, and even though the venue was huge, and the rehearsals were long, there was a real ease and joy about it all. I have learned from many years of doing this, that because we can count on there being FULLNESS of joy in His presence… then that is the goal, THE PRESENCE OF GOD… for without it, we are USELESS!!
And when the strength that comes from the joy of the Lord is evident, it seems that there is NOTHING that is too hard.

Our team, it has got to be said, are outstanding – it may sound a little ‘braggy’ but it is not with that heart that I say this. I completely and totally love them to bits, and when I see them fly like they are, there is such a sense of satisfaction, kind of like when you watch your own children doing what they were born to do – that brings such a smile deep inside you. That’s what it’s like.….

This is part of our earthly THANK YOU to a heavenly Father who loves us too much to adequately explain, it overflows in song and I truly pray that it overflows in our everyday lives. Loving God and loving people is what it’s all about.

So from my heart to yours, I truly pray that Saviour King is a great blessing to you, that rather than hear our songs or our voices, that you’ll hear the spirit of God drawing you to come closer. My friend, I’ll tell you where you’ll find the treasure you’ve been looking for… IN HIS PRESENCE….

Thanks for loving Jesus…


I love what she said – that everything sustaining is going to have a sense of labor about it. We will have to work on this, and it won’t always be fun and games. There will be a process and a laboring over the work. It will probably be tedious at times, but I know we can do it. As I said Saturday at the songwriting workshop, God’s ALREADY SAID He’s going to do this in and through us, and I believe it…with all my heart.

God is faithful, and He will complete the good work he’s begun in us. I’m stoked.


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