Babies are Cute

Niamh had a severe case of bedhead this morning. Interestingly enough, it’s sorta Kaitlyn-esque in it’s mohawkyness…

Check out the face on this cheerleader! Props to Bella for the hand-me-down…

In other news…I’m doing worship this week. Pray for a total lack of snipers in the crowd *smirk*. I’m actually pretty excited to be on this week. For one thing, we’re going to have a choir (small, but powerful!). So that’ll be fabulous.

Also, Niamh and I will be gone next week, starting Friday. We’re off to Vermont for my big bro’s wedding. So I probably won’t be posting until I get back from that.

And if anyone finds my favorite random blog on Blogger, I will be your new best friend. It was really fun. This girl who lives (apparently) in downtown San Francisco and snaps photos of people walking down the street. She then posts the pics and discusses the cool elements of their outfits. I love that blog. I found it once, just randomly, but don’t know how to find it again. Poo. It was cool.

Be blessed.


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