I'm with the Band

Okay, so to try to explain why Liam, Sean and Nathaniel are wearing Lone Ranger masks and posing with musical instruments would be…difficult, at best. Suffice it to say they had a lot of fun tonight. They were sort of a robber-vigilante-superhero-banker-traveling band. Weird, I know. But kids’ pretend play is a lot like a “pizza dream”…silly and crazy, switching thematic gears like a hyperactive schizophrenic, largely nonsensical and the characters usually don’t look like themselves.

I’m just sayin.

So the band members ACTUALLY all agreed to let me take a photo of them dressed this way. What good sports, I say. Oh…but between you and me, their identities are not meant to be leaked. Sort of that superhero protocol thingy. Primo Dons.


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