Wonder Twins and All Those Guys

In my effort to keep my kids from watching junk, while allowing them to enjoy a little bit of variety, I rented a Justice League video for my little superhero fans…


Bad call.

Realistic, scar-faced mobsters putting each others’ heads through aquariums and talking in explicit terms about rubbing people out. Winged, clawed, furry and feathered ladies in tight, ridiculously revealing Dancing with the Stars outfits talking about current/ex-superboyfriends’ underwear drawers. Let’s not even get into the feminazi personalities…suffice it to say that the superheroes have changed a bit since I was a kid.

What ever happened to the Wonder Twins?!

“Wonder Twin powers…ACTIVATE!”
“In the form of…a monkey!”
“In the form of…water!”

Wow. They were so Donny and Marie. I guess that’s what happened to them, really. On a mostly-for-boys show, a couple of disco-era teen pop singer wannabes, thrown in for the girly-girls like me who had to sit through the New Super Friends Hour, because my stinky older brother insisted. It was almost as bad as our Sunday after-church Babe Winkelman/AWA wrestling tradition. I remember wishing 7:00 would roll around so I could watch my Disney family-hour film while I ate my rare, and greatly anticipated TV dinner with the fam. Now you can turn on the Disney channel anytime and see a movie…but it’s not the same. I mean, c’mon…The Cheetah Girls vs. The Love Bug? No contest. Herbie wins.

I guess the boys and I will stick to Batman the Movie (1966) and the 1967 Spiderman series. Psychedelic.

(Oh, by the way…if my stinky older brother happens to read this today…Happy Birthday!)


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