I’m starting to feel like a stranger to Blogger! I nearly forgot my password. How sad. 😦

Sean is currently (as I type) racing back and forth between the kitchen and the living room making strange noises. I’m not sure yet who he’s “being” but I’m sure he’s being someone. It’s never just to run.

Patrick and Liam are playing the Dublin version of Monopoly in the kitchen (I know. How many versions can they really get away with making before it’s just plain ridiculous?).

Niamh is banging on a metal saucebowl set Patrick got in India. Nice and noisy…the perfect toy for an 8-month-old.

I’ve got my tea, my laptop’s finally running again and it’s Monday – AKA “Saturday” for a pastor. So it’s a good day.

A little bit of other news: My pastor died recently of a heart attack in the early morning hours. This was the guy who married Patrick and me. He baptized me in water in my sister’s swimming pool and prayed with me when I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. So we went to Monticello, Minnesota, for his funeral. That was very sad. He was only 46. He had a wife and five kids…some married, some with kids of their own, all of them out of high school.

It was good to see his family again and some of the people I used to attend church with; but to be honest, more than anything, it was just hard. Hard to see his family being strong when they’d probably rather just be alone and cry. Hard to think that we haven’t seen him in a long time and won’t have that opportunity again.

Life is short…no matter how long we have…and so fragile. It was just another reminder that while I’m alive I want to live fully and love daringly. I want to live purposefully and with no regrets. I want to be able to stand before the throne of God and hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant…come on in.”


I know this is random, but I’m in sort of a random zone today. So here are some photos from our trip…


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