When You're Strange

I’m sorry. I just HAD to double-blog today, lest I just continue to let all my children’s silly moments slip by without being documented.

Sean went to the bathroom today and came out a few minutes later. I said, as every mom does, “I didn’t hear a flush.” Now…you have to understand, he hears this a LOT. He just looked at me and curled his lip. “Well, I did.”

“Well, I didn’t hear it,” I said.

Then Sean got very serious and said, “Maaaybe, this is a strange house,” (pointing at the bathroom) “…and that’s a strange potty.”

Turns out he did flush, as he continued to vehemently assert. So it must just be a strange house with a strange potty…or maybe I’m just a strange mommy. Yeah, that’s probably it…


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