Shed Abroad in Our Hearts

Stick with this…it’s sort of long, but worth it…especially if you know my kids. (The photo to the right is of Liam holding the “O” in MOMMY for a Mother’s Day presentation at his school.)

The other night (on Mother’s Day, actually) when I was putting the boys to bed, Liam wanted me to lie down with him on the top bunk and chat for a little while…spend some mommy-son time. I haven’t actually done that (the bunk bed thing) for a while, because I usually have to take care of the baby or any number of other things to do…but I really felt like I was supposed to that night.

So we were on the top bunk, talking quietly about our day…and he paused. He looked a little teary-eyed, so I said, “What’s wrong, Honey?”
“Are you sad?”
“No, I’m just really happy…grown-ups do this all the time, you know, Mom.”

Then, in his own 6-year-old way, he shared with me that God is really showing him His love, more and more…through friends and through family and in other ways. He said, “It feels like it’s just getting downer and downer (deeper and deeper) and sweeter and sweeter.”

“What’s sweeter and sweeter, Honey?” I said. He just looked at me like “Don’t you know, Mom?” and said, “GOD. Because God…is…love.” He barely choked it out without crying.

It was the most sincere, most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed. You could see that the Holy Spirit was just touching him and speaking to him…a child. I love it.

I know the reason this was happening to him was that a few weeks ago, he was asking me, “Mom, how do you really know Jesus is real? I mean…I’ve never actually seen him. How do you know that He’s real?” My heart as a mother wanted to just give him a great theological answer to ensure he knew (in his mind) that Jesus is real. I sort of wanted to just know it for him. But I have prayed that our kids would have their own revelation of who God is…not just a mental assent based on their parents’ revelation.

So I talked to him about how we can know, but ultimately said, “Why don’t you pray and ask God to show you He’s real? He will, if you only ask Him to.” He agreed and, presumably, did that on his own later on…again, I didn’t want to just make him pray that. I wanted him to have a growing desire in his OWN heart to know God and to seek Him for himself. We guide and direct our children…steering them down the right path, but we can’t work out their salvation for them. The Bible says to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. I have prayed that prayer with him before…that God would show Himself to Liam, but he didn’t seem to want me to pray it with him this time (he likes his privacy), so I didn’t push it.

But just look how God is so faithful.

I led both my boys in a prayer for salvation when they were each age 3. I’ve seen them get the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. And I’ve seen my eldest, of his own will and desire, get baptized in water at age 6. What greater thing to witness than your own children growing in the knowledge and reverential fear of the Lord. My heart wants to burst!

That night, God totally poured out his love on this little boy. I said to him, “You see, this is how we can know Jesus is real…when He pours out His love and His goodness on us.” And Liam said, “I know He’s real, Mom. I know it.”


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