Jacob and Esau are Kin

Okay. So yesterday Sean had Bike Safety Day in his Pre-K class at school. They got to bring in their bikes with the cute little training wheels, and, in some cases, trikes. They learned about safety in traffic, road rules, “stranger danger” and all that good stuff. They even met a cop, which is huge for Pre-K’ers. This cop gave each one of them an official City of Cary Jr. Police Force badge (I may or may not be making up the title here). Sean came home so proud.

So Liam sees the badge and recalls the grand old days when he was in Pre-K, begins to reminisce about Bike Safety Day…and realizes he lost HIS City of Cary Jr. Police Force badge (I almost wrote Polish Force there, FYI…which is probably to some degree true).

A couple hours later, as the boys came in for dinner, I noticed the badge was on Liam’s shirt, so I asked him about it.

“He gave it to me!” he said excitedly.

“What? He wouldn’t have just given it away.”

“No! He did! We traded.”

“Traded for what??”

“I’m gonna give him gum…” (when he saw the eyebrow and lip curl I was giving him, he added, “THREE PIECES of gum!”

“Oh that’s a fair trade. His inheritance for a bowl of lentil soup.”


“Never mind. Just give it back.”


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