More Pics of My AWESOME Family

Okay I should totally be asleep…BUT I’m not. The photos above are of Liam and Sean in concert Thursday night. The concert was pretty stinkin’ good for a Pre-K through 1st concert, if you ask me. (And it’s not just because my kids were representin’…although that definitely helps.) The kid next to Sean who makes him look like a little peanut is actually around the same age as he is. He’s also in Pre-K. Wow. “We were like grasshoppers in their sight.”

Weird. Actual ACCUMULATION on Patrick’s birthday, April 11. And last but not least, Her Cuteness:

One quick “shout”, as we liked to say in the 90s: Hey Titus!! It was awesome to hear from you via blog comment. I pray things are going really really exceptionally well there for you and you’re BLASTING the Phillipine people with God’s Love. We miss you, man. You have people back home praying for you daily.

Okay……….now I’m tired. Zzzzzz…


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