It's Not About the Methods, It's About the Man…

I really like our church. I guess that’s the understatement of the year.

What I like about our church is that we have people from all ages, cultures and backgrounds attending. I also like that people look out for one another and pull together during hard times. They don’t just drop away or back down at the first sign of difficulty or struggle (which I guess reflects their grounding in the Word). There is definitely a family spirit…which is great, especially for those who have no family or no family near…or family “in name only.” Visitors often mention the friendly atmosphere of the church…and I think there is a strong element of You Are Welcome Here.

I know we can always do better…and we need to be conscious of HOW we can do better. But I have to say that from an “inside view”, I know our team. We have a very forward-thinking, innovative, passionate, flexible, Holy Spirit-sensitive, people-loving team.

In case you didn’t know, we have a set of Core Values at the church. We have really always held these values, but only truly identified them last Fall. These are the reasons why we do things and why we do them the way we do:


None of the above terms is a buzzword for a modern church style or ideology, yet they would work for any. That’s because they are timeless and foundational, and they afford great flexibility in methodology as the needs (and the times) present themselves. And that’s the thing…you can change the WAY you do church, but your core value system remains the same.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about goes back to that thing about our church reaching people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds…I know that we would be off-center if were not able to effectively reach out to everyone. We don’t want to run after a certain “target” group in any of those areas. For instance, you’ve heard of “Youth Churches” or, sort of passe now, “Gen X” churches. How weird. Fine for them I guess, and I’m sure they are passionate about what they do and why they do it…but I just don’t see anything biblical about a niche church. I just don’t see it in the Bible. If you can’t reach Grandma, Dad, Emo Joe, Fledgling XBoxer, the Stroller Set and Aunt Lucy all at the same church, how is that a reflection of the Church with a capital “C”? And, more importantly…how is that a reflection of the King and His Kingdom?

Well, I sort of get a burr in my bonnet about all that, so I’ll just leave it alone now. đŸ™‚

But I have to say that I’m very, very excited for the future of our church, because we’ve built it on a Firm Foundation, set our hearts on knowing Jesus and Him crucified, and set our course for the cause of Christ: targeting the hurting world with the Love of God.

I’ll leave you with this. A man once spoke this word over me, and I’d love for you to take it on for yourself as well:

(I paraphrase…) “Don’t be afraid to be bold and step out in the things of God. Just step out and do it – tell people about Jesus, share His love with the world. Whatever you do, do it in Love and it WILL NOT fail…it can’t fail…because Love never fails.”


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