Jesus Camp

I highly recommend you all watch Jesus Camp. I have no idea what the evangelical and/or charismatic buzz is on this movie, and, frankly, I don’t care. It should be required viewing for evangelical (particularly charismatic/pentecostal) Christians for a number of reasons.

For one thing ( and I feel it is the main thing), we really have no idea how the secular world sees us. This affords us an opportunity to see ourselves through secular eyes. It’s very enlightening and very important. It also serves to show us the seriousness of the spiritual warfare involved. One point I found particularly interesting was the fact that many of the Christians featured in the film did not see what they were doing as political activism, just living and walking out a faith life, while the filmmakers and other secularists saw their actions and teachings as being blatently political in nature. Wherever you stand on this point, you should see the film.

By the way, as an addendum to my recommendation: watch the movie twice…the second time with the commentary ON.

Also…for those of you who might not watch it for any other reason, here’s a carrot: Lou Engle is in it.


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