Seanie Shorts

Sean calls nicknames “nickel names”.

Instead of saying “Take my picture!” Sean always says, “Picture me!”

One day Sean was looking at his daddy’s head and thinking hard. He said, “You need to get more hair on the top of your head.” Patrick said, “That’s alright, Sean. When I go to heaven, I’ll have plenty of hair on my head.” Sean said, “Yeah. When you die, you’ll have more hair on your head.” Patrick said, “Maybe when Jesus returns, huh?” Sean said, “When Jesus comes, you’ll have more hair on your head…(pauses)…why is it taking Him so long anyway?”

Liam says funny stuff, too, by the way…I’m just a bit nervous that one of you will talk to him about it when I “tell on him”. He reeeeeally doesn’t like it when I tell his stories. 🙂 So we’ll just keep talking about Sean’s silly moments until he decides HE’S had enough too. (What a sad day that’ll be.)


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