God showed me something today. I thought it was pretty cool, so I’ll share it with you.

I was praying and seeking God for freedom and for a Holy Spirit revolution in the earth. I’m noticing that, while I’m certainly not the only one who desires to see God’s perfect will done in the earth, there are so many in the body of Christ who seem to at least lean toward one of these two categories: 1. People who sort of just don’t know and don’t care…”As for me and my house, we’re doing great.” and 2. “Revolutionaries” who base their platform for revolt, as it were, on people…what people do wrong and why they ought to change.

We are a people holy and set apart for good works. We are called to love. THAT is the revolution! Think about it…what more revolutionary concept than to love rather than argue and complain; try to fix things with politics; lay blame on others in the Body of Christ; or call People the enemy, when the enemy of our souls is the devil and he alone!

Compassion. That is revolutionary. To choose to love rather than be devisive or accusatory. To give up our own agendas for the sake of others. To truly lay down our lives on a daily basis for others, just as Jesus did…not just saying, “Yeah, if I’m to be martyred for my faith, I’m ready”…although that’s huge, of course, as well…but to lay them down now.

“If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.” – Jesus

So this is the picture God showed me today…You know how when it’s cold, you want to bundle up….you put on lots of layers in order to get comfortable or even sometimes to look good (it can be done with layers). He showed me that we do sort of the same thing spritually. We put on…

Tradition: a sweater, Reliance on methodology: a jacket, Desire to be “Cool”: a down vest, Compartmentalizing others in the Body: a wooly scarf, Directing our “warfare” at people rather than the real enemy: a knit hat, Security in our own giftings: thermal mittens…These layers that actually serve only to bind us and stifle us, rather than giving us real security. And instead of giving us the appeal we’d hoped for to lead people to Jesus, it’s only made us look silly and uncomfortable…not something a hurting and insecure world is looking for.

So what’s the remedy? We need to be willing to C-H-A-N-G-E and be flexible. We need to begin to throw off some of these layers that we have put on ourselves. Only then will we begin to experience freedom. Not foolish, fake freedom, from doing whatever we want with no regard to the Word or to others, but true freedom in Christ. The freedom to live like Jesus did and like He’d have us to. The freedom to love like He loved and still does. The freedom to place people above methods and traditions and ideals. The freedom to change as our understanding of the Word and of the love of God evolves and expands. True freedom!! I want it. I’m earnestly seeking it in the presence of an awesome, loving God.

Will you dare to do the same?


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