Grandma Moses

Check out this wiki article on the life of Grandma Moses:

I was recently reminded of her while looking up info for a resort in Vermont where we’ll be staying for my big brother’s wedding. There’s a nearby gallery that features her art.

And I love her artwork, by the way…but more than that, I love her story.

The woman lived from 1860-1961. She was (clearly) 101 when she died. She was (and still is) considered one of the most influential and premiere American painters. Even while she was alive, her paintings sold like hotcakes and she became a household name. This is very rare for an artist…the vast majority of historically renown painters and other visual artists were never that well known until they died. (And don’t comment “reference required”…it’s probably a fairly accurate statement.)

What I find so fascinating about her is that she was a farmer’s wife and mother of five kids and spent most of her life doing the domestic thing and holding down the homefront (a very important and spiritually mandated ministry). She didn’t even begin painting until she was in her 70s. Imagine that! How ironic that her married name was Moses…he had to wait a long time to see his destiny fulfilled as well.

Moses grew up in the palace of the pharaoh, living the high life. All the while, he was in training…his destiny to bring the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Promised Land as a God-breathed backdrop. At the age of 40 (“over the hill” by today’s standards), he tried to step out in his own strength to lead his people out of captivity. Oops. The next forty years of his life were spent in Midian…in training. It wasn’t until the third and final set of forty years that he finally saw the fulfillment of his destiny (well, most of it, anyway…if it wasn’t for that dad-gummed disobedience) and the culmination of all his years of training.

This is all very encouraging…and confirming! It shows me that 1. God is a resurrector of dreams and a fullfiller of destinies, 2. Nothing and no one can stop me from fullfilling my destiny (and the same applies to you), and 3. It’s never too late! Look at Moses. Look at Grandma Moses. When you’re in Christ, the aging process is not so much a deterioration, decline and a slowing down. Yes, your body begins to change and slow down, etc. But the Bible says to renew your mind with the Word of God. It washes you and cleanses you…clears away the old and makes room for the new.

One of my absolute favorite scriptures is Psalm 103. The whole thing is fantastic…jam-packed with the promises of God. But the best is this: “…who satisfies your mouth with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” I know that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve only gotten better in every way. I’m more confident, more secure, I even look and feel better than I did 10 years ago. And I’ve heard many godly women over the age of 30 (and particularly over the age of 40) say the very same thing. God is making me into the woman He designed me to be, and every day I get closer to that fulfillment. I can see it! I can taste it.

Never stop until you die. The fulfillment of your destiny is yet to come and it’d be just plain stupid to forfeit it because of a lack of passion.


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