My Life as a Dream

Okay, so I had this dream…(here goes)

I was alive, but only for about 90 years or so, and I had a job to do…something pressing, something urgent.

Oh, and I was married to this really fantastic man/preacher/dad guy, who had hair as a Small One we’ll just call “Sean” describes in this way: “all around the sides, but none on top”…and that was totally okay.

And there were three children placed in our care. They were the most amazing, funny, sweet, loving, intelligent, frustrating, inquisitive, inspiring people I’d ever known. And I knew our influence on their lives was critical.

The place we lived was beautiful…it was a huge sphere (and yet very tiny, somehow) filled with plants, animals and other people of every size, shape, color and variety. But it was also filled with a lot of darkness…at least by the time I’d gotten there. And I had a job to do…something pressing, something urgent.

We did a lot of great things…some things were fun, some things were just hard work, some things were both. Some things seemed to matter a whole lot more than other things, so we kept doing them. We felt compelled to keep doing those things that seemed to matter the most, even when there was a lot of resistance. Sometimes there seemed to be an unbelievable amount of pressure on all sides…at times it seemed too much to bear, but somehow we managed to keep going.

You were there too.

…through the whole dream, in fact. I didn’t always see You, but you know how in a dream someone can just be there and you don’t always see them…but you know they’re there? That’s how it was. Whenever I fell, You were there. Whenever I felt like I couldn’t breathe, You were there. Whenever I got lost (which seemed to be far too often)…You were there.

I remember now, too, that as we were going along in the dream, we were sort of gathering people. One person would come along beside us here, a few more there…some from far away places, some from next door. Some just about to fall over a steep cliff into a rocky canyon, some completely stuck in a deep, murky pit. And they all wanted to know You. Neat, huh?

It went on this way for a while…you know how a dream can seem to go on for a long time, but then suddenly it’s all over and you think, “Wow, was that it? It’s already over?” I can’t really recall the end of the dream exactly, but it was a whirlwind of excitement and adventure, much to do and little time…I do know that. Something pressing, something urgent, but much more clear.

And then I woke up. What a dream…

…But it’s so good to be Home.


Into Your courts I run
With praises flowing from my heart
Every day I wake, I sing Your song
It’s the anthem of my life

I want to spend my days in Your presence Lord
Bowed before Your throne
In the house of God is where I find my peace
It’s where I find my

Home is heaven
One day Lord I will live in Your courts
You’ll find me in worship at Your feet
Hide me now
In the shadow of Your wings
It’s where I will be
Where I will be


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